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5 Mistakes you make on your swimming warm-up (or any other sport)

While scientists have worked hard on their academic studies trying to find out what the best warm-up for swimming is, the Athlete's Science have the answer for you. We are about to show the biggest mistakes the athletes and coaches can make on executing a warm-up during a training session or prior a race. Check them out!

1- Excessive Volume - Getting Yardage "Just Because"

During that long and hard week of training, the biggest fear of an exhausted athlete is to hear the coach telling that long, boring, torturing, and discouraging warm-up loaded with non-sense yardage. Many coaches want a long warm-up just because they want to reach a specific volume and number of laps at the end of practice. But is that really necessary?

2- "The Flash" Warm-up

You finish your warm-up before you even get your hair wet! That seems perfect for that day you just want to get everything done as soon as possible. You get in the pool, swim 200 easy and go straight to the main set. Even though it seems very practical, the lack of a proper warm-up prevents your body to be ready for the training stimulus, causing possible injuries, excessive fadigue, and difficulties in reaching the desired times and physiological goals. Be careful with the laziness!

3- General Warm-Up

Before warming-up, it is important to know the main goal for that training session. There is no point on preparing the body for an aerobic set if the main set is consisted of short sprints. Just like a swimmer should not warm-up the same before a 50, 200, or 1500/mile races! The warm-up should always prepare the body specifically for the following effort and stimulus. Your results will be better if you get the right warm-up!

4- Standardized Warm-up

Let's think about how we all are so distinct, our body are different from one another, our metabolisms work differently, our needs are different... So why coaches very often write the same warm-up for the whole team?

Warm-ups can be alike and have some parts in common, but each athlete has his particularities and needs. Having too many athletes in one team can make it difficult the individuality, so why not giving some options of warm-ups or letting the athletes build or help building their own warm-up?

5- Blind Warm-up

Have you questioned yourself why you do each part of the warm-up? Why is 200 easy necessary? Why drilling? Why this kick set is there to be done? A good athlete is the one who knows what he does and why he does it. If your coach let you choose your own warm-up, would you know what you really need to do? Think about it, talk to your coach and learn with him! Your practice will have a superior quality and, know what you are doing, your feedback to your coach will be way more reliable, helping him on formulating the next sessions of training.


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